As you may have heard, my old site had a bit of a server crash.  So instead of trying to deal with that fall out, on the free server I was at I went and properly created to make myself official in the web services type of sense.  So that is why you’re looking at a new URL with a new blog site that looks different and seems a little void of content at the moment.  It is a work in progress, so I’m sure there will be a lot of changes coming down the pipeline both for the website proper, and with The Colony.

At the moment the site pages haven’t changed at all. is still really the only active hub page on the site, with little changes.  It was my starting point as far as designing these ‘info-portfolio’ sort of pages so to speak.  And I’ll be adding more, as time allows.  If you’ve never been to that page, clicking on’ website’ will get you there.  There are some dead links and a few areas I plan to fix before I embark on the next of these.  You have been warned.Of course the sites take a bit of a back seat to the Colony, which is really the reason I have web presence at all.  The Colony did have a big change in the fall out.  I lost all the scripting and posts with the crash.  So I bit the bullet and installed word press.  It’s quite  a bit more robust than my own blog script.  And so there are a ton of extra features and options that I’m still playing with.  I designed up a quick theme, which is what you are looking at now.  Which I feel works for the moment.  But I’d wager to say there’s a lot of experimentation in my future.  Currently I’m just trying to feel out exactly how I want everything to work in this new iteration.  The only extras I’ve done that is notable right now, is I connected the site to social networks, so you can post from your facebook, or twitter account, and you can share the posts if you want to.  And any extra love is always enjoyable.

As to the old posts that are missing from the blog.  I do not have all my old posts, I lost those with the crash.  I do have all of the Truth and Consequences parts, and some of the reviews and some random bits which I will be starting to back log this coming week.  Truth and Consequences will be first as I hope to have some new material for it as next weeks post.

I also am going to be changing the format and function of future info dumps, so they won’t just be a standard bit of me rambling.  Just a little rambling and some highlights of the past month.  I know you are intrigued I have this effect on people.

So into the future, they say.  There are a lot of new things on the horizon (not just a new bit of Truth and Consequences which I know sounds extremely great!), and I hope you stick around.

Until next week!

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