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There hasn’t been a lot of activity here in the last few weeks, but it comes with good reason.  I suppose when its quiet here, that usually means I’m busy elsewhere, which is completely the case the last few weeks.  There’s a few bits of “to do” things that have been in my way, at such a rate I haven’t

been able to clear off enough to really sit down and put something together for the Colony.  Course it’s not just the colony… that’s been on hold. It’s a deadline season, as a lot of you if you come around these parts often are pretty use to.  When work builds up… well paid work gets priority.

That’s not to say I don’t miss this little space.  I am eager to get back to editing out the rest of Truth and Consequences so I can start writing new bits of it, which will be coming, before the end of the month I think.  I’m also behind on new reviews that have been building up, and I’m emendated with tons of topics I want to write articles about.  So this “other work” can’t end soon enough!

I did however want to briefly pause to let everyone know what has been going on, what to look forward to and all that.  So hit the jump and I’ll give you all the highlights.

As per usual I have a lot of writing on my plate.  Its where the vast majority of my interest has been for a while now and there’s little reason to believe that will change any time soon.  And I got proofs of drafts from editors right now, that I’m attempting to go through.  And of course that means new stories for you all to enjoy.

Coming at you first, is my return to the Bento Box anthology.  I just sent to the fine folks over at Artiface the first mini-installment of a new micro-serial for the pages of the free to download anthology.  It is the story featuring a strange character I’ve had living in my mind for almost two years as he’s been growing and maturing.  Who is this bastion of mystery?  Well his name is the Roach, and he has  only one skill worth mentioning, “surviving”.  What that means and seeing him will probably be a few installments in but it should be worth the wait.  The story itself is a little different that the type of things I tend to write.  This is a more complex mystery/twists-and-turns type of yarn.  More akin to Ludlum’s Bourne books, than the stuff I usually write.   Part one should be out in a number of weeks I am guessing.  But its only the first of many parts.  And hopefully I can keep up with the publishing scheduale of bento moving and this story can be collected in its entirety.  Stay tuned to here, and the social networks for an announcement.

The big writing bit, that’s been taking up a deal of my time is going through the editor proofing for a Sci-fi story I’ve told you all about, for the upcoming Six-Guns and Spaceships Anthology from ProSe.  Though I’ve know the Tommy and the guys over there for a while, this is my first time actually writing for them.  And though word on the anthology has been at a stand still, I finally got back my draft, from the editor and were passing bits back and forth refining “A Heist in Hyperspace” so that we can get this out the door sooner rather than later.  Though I can say the effort and work that’s went on regarding my story is rather inspiring.  So my hats off to those people over there, and there should be more word once I get this proof set up up.

Aside from writing, I do have a voice-over gig I’m going through right now, and it’s good to get back into doing some acting.  The guys over at Pinnacle have been more than a little communitive about the state of the project and they are really excited about it, its helped me get really jazzed about it.  Audio-dramas have been a huge passion of mine for ages, so I can’t wait to see how this comes out.  I’m supposed to be recording some bits of lines next week and we’ll see how things go from there.  Its completely audio only, and I’m not entirely sure what their planning on doing with it.  But it should be interesting to see where this goes.

The other thing that has been eating my time is new art commissions.  I have a full color illustration that has been commissioned and I hope I can show off some nature of it in the future, but its been slow moving, I will admit.  Though I’m a bit rusty on full on character illustrations as I’ve not done it in a while.  I’m also working on the design for the fliers and web graphics for one an event here in Los Angeles, that could possibly be a new club night.  And despite myself, I feel that I always make these ads more complicated than they need to be.  But they always turn out so rad in the end so its worth it.  One day I should showcase all the fliers and things I’ve designed over the years.  Its some of my favourite work.So its been busy, and I’m loving every moment of it—but missing the blog.  So I’ll be back soon for some new stuff to post.  But until then feel free to hit me up on the social channels.

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